Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Scandals Regarding Amma and her Activities

Nowadays many rumors, allegations, scandals spreading on the internet regarding Amma(Mata Amritanandamayi devi) and her charitable organisation. This article is a search for the truth about the allegations. 

Who is Gail Tredwell? Gail Tredwell is a former female disciple of Amma. Amma named her ‘Gayatri’ and after receiving Sanyasa she was named as ‘ Swamini Amritaprana’. She left ashram for personnel reasons and she has now come back with an anti-amma book called “Holly Hell” 

What is the real face of Gail Tredwell? This video was filmed a year before her leaving from the ashram. It’s a Gail Tredwell's moving testimonial from the 1999 documentary "River of Love"(A documentary about amma). In this video Gail sounds legitimately touched and inspired by Amma and Ammas ability to inspire the best in people. Was that real or an act? It is hard to tell which Gail tredwell is the real Gail tredwell. How many masks does she have?

Gail Tredwell’s book was edited by jessi Hoffman (a professional ghost writer and editor) and aka Bronte Baxter. It is known from her own blogs that jessi Hoffman believes that all deities and gods of all other religions including Hinduism are aliens and amma is a powerful demonic entity who working with these aliens. Does it sound an unholy relationship and agenda against hindu saints? Read more at ammascandal 

Please go through the ammas scandal blog below to read the article In full,
to read Gail's letters to Ashram residents and letters of many Devotees of Amma who loves Gail. it is said in the letters of her co-ashram residents that her leaving from Ashram was nothing related to spirituality but only personnel.

By the way Amma is unaffected by this all and continuing her life purpose!!
Just concluding with these words of Amma..

 “Amma is like a river; she simply flows. Some people take a bath in the river. Others quench their thirst by drinking its water. There are people who come to swim and enjoy its water. Yet, there are people who spit in it. Whatever happens, the river accepts everything and flows unaffected, embracing all that come to its fold.” —Amma
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